Aapo Puskala, that’s me!

Paper background Pencil Aapo at Machu Picchu


I am a cognitive psychologist with a strong information technology background.

My expertise in psychology helps me understand users, their needs, their thinking, their world. My IT experience helps me respond to these needs either with interaction design, implementation or both.


The most defining aspects of my personality are curiosity and optimism. I’m constantly looking for new applications for things I have learned and always expect to find something interesting. Without this expectation, there is no passion. Without passion, there is no success.

Curiosity is not only about learning new things, it is also about viewing from different angles.


If an idea doesn’t yield good results, I try from another angle. Persistence is not about enduring, it is about passion.

I can’t do everything, nor do I want to. Great user experiences arise from teamwork. When I need to communicate my ideas and suggestions to others, my enthusiasm and verbal talent come to use.

Not all ideas are gems. Although I am passionate about exploring them and trying them out, I am analytical in evaluating the results. If an idea does not fly, it’s best left on the ground. The later an idea is discovered unworthy, the more expensive it has become. It’s not about the risk of failure, it’s about the cost of failure.

But good ideas are just too valuable to leave unexplored. The greatest idea, if left unexplored, is a lost opportunity.


My primary professional goal is to utilize my psychology and usability skills to create great user experiences, fulfilling even the needs unrecognized by the users themselves.