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Cluster Analysis Tool

Cluster analysis tool

What I faced

  • I was working on a website hierarchy and I needed to perform card sorting with a dozen remote users.
  • I found Optimal Sort tool to be the best and most usable card sorting platform. Unfortunately they did not provide any analysis tools. Analyzing card sorting data manually is tedious and error-prone.

What I did

  • On my own initiative, I studied algorithms for card sorting and found out that I could write my own tool for analysis.
  • I wrote a PHP script to analyze Optimal Sort’s output, to draw dendrograms and to provide sample group names.

What came of it

  • After a few updates the tool worked well.
  • Optimal Sort purchased the code and implemented in on their own web application.

Current status

  • Optimal Sort has been updated to create dendrograms without external tools.
  • Cluster Analysis Tool is still available and works, but is no longer updated.