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PMAF Database


What I faced

  • Project Management Association Finland (PMAF) was looking for a solution for their administrative needs, such as member database, newsletters, annual event organization and updating certain content on their website.
  • Their previous system was very old and simple, just an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Main challenges were that the system needed to be fairly sophisticated yet very easy to use. A remote access to the system was a big plus.
  • PMAF was expanding rapidly (and a successful administrative system will increase that rate) and it was difficult to foresee many of the future needs. The system had to be avery flexible to adapt to these needs.

What I did

  • I researched the current system and interviewed the users to find out better what they need from the system.
  • I investigated on software packages which could deliver what was needed. There was nothing readily available.
  • I decided the best solution is to use a relational database and create the system myself. The database must have remote usage features, multiple platform support and a scripting language. I chose FileMaker Pro.
  • I implemented a prototype for testing and to find out if new needs arose. There were several, and I created a few refined prototypes until no new needs came up.
  • Finally I rebuilt the whole system with the updated requirements and set up the network for remote usage.

What came of it

  • The system had a member database, billing, event membership management, member statistics, product database and sales, member certificate management etc.
  • PMAF member count multiplied during first years the system was in use. The association had a lot of new activity and the annual events became more popular than ever. This was due to the vastly increased efficiency of membership management.

Current status

  • The system was used for about 15 years, until PMAF administration was changed. After that they took the system management in their own hands and I am no longer the administrator of the system.