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Residential Building UI


What I faced

  • KONE is the 4th largest manufacturer of elevators and escalators.
  • I worked at their research & development and was given a task to ‘improve the user interface of a building’.

What I did

  • The task was very open. Because residential buildings are by far the biggest segment and because their elevators had not changed much for ages, I started my task with them.
  • I started by observing people in residential buildings. It became obvious that there are several steps when they entered their apartment buildings, and most of these steps can be automatized.
  • We created a prototype and tested it in an apartment building. We told the residents that the device is a prototype and will be removed after a few months. The residents called their landlord and begged to him to keep the device in the building, even though it is still a prototype. The residends came to love the system.

What came of it

Current status

  • The system is being sold as KONE IDE300™