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Spotter Mobile

Spotter Mobile

What I faced

  • A client had a comprehensive and fairly complicated software for video surveillance.
  • They wanted to implement it on a mobile phone platform.

What I did

  • First I needed to convince the client that the mobile platform is very different from the deskop. There is no point in trying to implement the desktop application in mobile environment.
  • I started by reviewing competing products. There were about a dozen, some with fairly good implementation.
  • The most annoying part for all of them was that they all required signing up to be able to try the product with real surveillance cameras. This was very frustrating.
  • I decided we must get rid of it. The product must be free and available for the customer to use without any hassle.
  • I did customer interviews and found out the most important features. I focused to make these features great on the mobile client: viewing live stream and a few minutes back, going back in time to view a certain event, and to view alarms.
  • I created a paper prototype, tested it with users, modified the proto and tested again. Finally the design was implemented by an external vendor.

What came of it

  • After the first week the project had paid for itself. A customer made a major purchase, and said a significant reason for selecting this vendor was the mobile client.
  • The alarms could not be implemented yet because of restrictions in the video surveillance platforn.

Current status

  • The application is freely available at Apple AppStore.