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Telephone Directory

Telephone Directory

What I faced

  • KONE launched an intranet telephone directory, which was created by an external vendor.
  • At the time I was a Usability Specialist at KONE R&D and used the system often.
  • There was a major flaw in the design of the system: it required a login with a username and a password to look for a telephone number, altough all the users where from the same IP, the same intranet and the same location.
  • I calculcated the time wasted by this system. The number was huge, thousands of dollars a month.

What I did

  • On my own initiative I decided to make the system better.
  • I created a page in the intranet. In this page the users would enter their username, personal password and a global password. The page would create a custom URL for the user.
  • With this URL the user is logged into the system automatically and instantly, without typing his username, password and the global password.

What came of it

  • A great majority of the tens of thousands of people in the company created a personal URL. Obviously a large number of people were frustrated with the telephone directory.
  • Later, I recieved at least twice the amount of inquiries concerning usability issues of KONE products. Since then usability gained a much larger foothold in the company.
  • The small site was a great way to highlight the importance of fluent workflow and how easy it is to hinder it seriously.