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Paper background



What I faced

  • In 2008 a customer discussed a project idea with me. The idea was to evaluate people’s personalities using known and well established personality theories. They contacted me because of my background in psychology and for my knowledge in website development.
  • The customer tried to implement the site with another vendor, but the project failed and never finished.
  • Later I was contacted again to implement and to improve the idea.

What I did

  • I reviewed the site and its implementation and decided it is better to start from scratch. There were too many changes needed and it would take too much time for me to get familiar with the code.
  • There was no UI specification, no functional specification. Actually, there was no specification of any kind.
  • I started by defining the idea of the site, its functionality, navigation wireframe and processes within the site. These were very valuable, because they revealed many issues, which would have caused problems later.
  • I studied personality psychology theories and interviewes psychology professors I had come to know when I was a student of psychology. I became convinced that the approach is valid.
  • I implemented the site and we released the first beta.

What came of it

  • After seeing the site in action the customer wanted some changes which should have been detected earlier. My learning from this is not to rely on customers understanding the wireframes, but to highlight them in meetings. The customer did not seem to understand the massive time savings of not implementing the ‘final’ version before testing.
  • The site allows people to get to know themselves better. Their friends evaluate people by rating them on the Big Five personality traits. The profile is calculated based on these evaluations. An user’s profile can be compared with his own evaluation of himself, his friends’ evaluation etc.
  • After the site had been running about two years, it had not attracted a significant user base and was shut down.

Current status

  • Closed